Wednesday, September 25, 2013

$30 DIY Fall Wreath

I always find myself wanting to make a new wreath every fall. Through Pinterest I stumbled upon a very cute wreath that sold for $85 on Etsy....holy cow! $85? 

Well, of course, I headed to Hobbly Lobby knowing I could make the same exact wreath for much less. See below how to make a sophisticated fall wreath for only $30 in about 30 minutes...that's my kind of craft!

What you will need:
-9 large flower blooms (mine came from Hobby Lobby) $27
-1 22-24" grapevine wreath 
-Hot glue
-Ribbon (for hanging)

These are the flowers you will be looking for. I chose three colors and purchased three of each color. Regular price is $6 each but WAIT until they are 50% off, promise me.

Cut the stems off of each flower. Don't be alarmed if the flower head separates into two pieces. Simply hot glue them back together and you're good. 

Arrange your flowers onto your wreath and then hot glue them in to place.

Now it's time to glue the green leaves onto your wreath. 

How easy is that? Now simply choose a wide ribbon that coordinates with your flowers and hang your wreath. 

There you are! An easy fall wreath that looks like a million bucks...for just a little over $30.

Happy Fall Everyone!

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