Wednesday, March 20, 2013

$3 Easter Egg Decoration

I'm all about an inexpensive find...especially when it looks good. I give you the $3 Easter Egg Decoration that you can do too!

How and where you say? Target is selling a package of six faux Easter eggs for $1...with the grass! I know. Hobby Lobby sells a dozen faux eggs for $7, but they do look a little nicer having a more natural look. I actually used both in our house to get more bang for my buck.

But back to the $3 decoration...

What you need:
- cake plate
- glass dome
- packages of faux eggs from Target ($1 per package)

How you do it:
- place eggs in upside down dome
- place fake straw on top of eggs
- put cake plate on top of dome
- flip dome over

How easy and simple is that? I hope you Love it!  

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