Monday, June 17, 2013

Updated Entryway

I must admit, I am a serial decorator...after holidays around here I always try to freshen up our decor.  I've always done this and always will...I have the "can't help its".

For this reason, our entryway got a makeover today!  It's been an ongoing process but I am "currently satisfied" with how it looks....and the best was inexpensive! (don't use the word cheap)

Have you ever heard the phrase "Bringing The Outdoors In"?...I believe I nailed it.  All of the flowers in the frames I just picked today and the gorgeous Seattle Dahlias (on the table) have been one my favorites in the flower garden.  The Jade Plant (in the bowl) was a gift from a dear friend and blooms in the winter months, but the green color is great to have indoors.  

I mentioned the entryway update was inexpensive, below is the breakdown:

the chalkboard cost me a mere 6-ish dollars to make...
                           ...the table cost me 15-ish dollars to transform...check it out here!
                               ...the frames were $10 a piece from Hobby Lobby...
                                   ...and all of the flowers were FREE (kind of)...
                                       ...and I had everything else somewhere in the house already.

I will have details on each project in upcoming posts so check back for more. And as always...I hope you Love it!

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