Thursday, October 4, 2012

I've jumped on the bandwagon.

Hello there and welcome to my blog!  I am an avid blog follower of many amazing blogs out there and I've thought about starting a blog for a while.  My hesitation for not starting a blog yet mainly came from lack of time but now, let's just say, I've got the time and I'm ready!  

I am a huge DIY fan but I like to call it MIM, for some reason saying "I made it myself" makes much more sense to me.  My main MIM skills are used in two very important things in our home; decorating and cooking.  I've always been on a limited budget but I've never used that as an excuse to sacrifice what we like.  If I see something I like, it's usually way too expensive for us, but I'll bet you I can make it or find it cheaper at a discount store!  The same goes for cooking.  My hubs (husband) and I both love to cook and find it way too expensive to eat out on a regular basis.  Therefore, we make extremely yummy food that is pretty healthy for us (most of the time).  

That's enough explaining for on with the show! 

My first MIM project I would like to share is an extremely simple/popular one these days.  Like that "Welcome to my blog" chalkboard at the top of this post?  Well, I made it myself!  This super simple project just took some time to find an interesting frame, spray paint (I had already), and some $4 chalkboard paint.  

I stumbled upon a sad picture frame in a furniture consignment store that held an ugly canvas of atrocious flowers.  So....after I envisioned what the frame would look like painted I rescued that frame and gave it a new job in a new home!  

The process was super simple.  Find a lonely beautiful frame (I was lucky enough to find one with a print in it so I could just paint over the actual print).  Below is a picture of the back of the frame and the original print
poor thing. needs some love.

I just unscrewed the print from the frame and painted over the back of the original print with chalkboard paint.  Spray paint the frame the color of your choice and let dry.  After mine dried I sanded it down on the edges and raised portions to make it a little more rustic.
And there you have it!  This project cost me about $16 dollars and I have half of a bottle of chalkboard paint leftover to use on another project.  

Don't you just Love it!?!  The inspiration for the name of my blog is from one simple quote....What do you say when you are out shopping and you see something you like?  I usually say, "I love it!"  So....I am ready to share with you everything "I Love" in my home.  Food, decor, MIM (made it myself) projects, and how you can make/find things you love as well.  So become a follower and keep checking back for more.  I've just decorated for fall and I'm ready to share those finds with you tomorrow....and how you can do it too!

Peace out for now!

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