Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our Guest Bedroom

Come on in!  Kick off your shoes and stay a while......welcome to our guest bedroom.  After four years with the hubs we finally have a guest bedroom! Woo-hoo!  I love having a place for our family and friends to stay while they visit.  I believe a guest bedroom should be two things....COZY & COMFORTABLE.  We may not have much space in our house but you bet we will make a space for you to stay that feels as much like home as possible.  And, of course, you are welcome anytime!

A basket full of goodies stays stocked in the guest bedroom.  Never know when you might have the midnight munchies!  I have yet to find a bedside carafe I like so bottled water or sparkling water will work for now.

I looked everywhere for striped curtains for this room.  Guess what?  I couldn't find any I liked.  So I purchased two white curtain panels and painted gray stripes for custom curtains!  Yes, they should be longer but you live and learn right?

The unique "be my guest" sign is just a simple Hobby Lobby buy (it's in stores now for fall).  It isn't meant for chalk but hey, it worked for me so why not?  I call this "temporary personalization". Chalk is fabulous.

An antique toolbox filled with seasonal flowers adds a small touch of fall to the room.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE having wood floors throughout the house?  The empty space to the right is the common suitcase area where guests can unpack.  Spoiler alert!  This space isn't always cleared.  Murphy has a huge bed that fits perfectly in the corner where he regularly sleeps.  He is super happy when guests come to stay with us because his bed gets moved to the floor on my side of the bed in our bedroom.  But, obviously, he loves visiting with his guests while they are here.

This ole "thing" has been around since I was a senior in college.  An exciting Goodwill find was transformed from a brown coffee table with a hole in the top to an ottoman coffee table with glossy black paint.  The hubs and I used this in our living room at our last place but it wasn't working in our current living room.  After two years of heavy use and going through a move it needs to be spruced up, but it will work for now in the guest bedroom.

I LOVE bringing the outdoors in and having evergreen bushes has allowed me to do so.  Evergreen stays green....well, if done right.....forever!  The evergreen shown was cut this summer and is still a beautiful green color.  Let's be honest about this corner though.....I've never dreamed of sticking a stool in a corner and putting a vase of green stuff in it BUT...I needed some height in that corner and these are things I had around the house.  That equals FREE.  Remember to decorate for now!

I call this our wedding wall.  Just brings a smile to my face every time I see it.

Another Goodwill find!  This side table was a mere $7 and only needed a coat of paint.  I actually bought this the same time I bought the coffee table and this used to be my TV stand!  Oh the various functions of furniture during college...LOVE IT!  You will always find the latest issues of Country Living magazine in the nightstand along with a beautiful hand woven quilt in case you get cold at night.

Our number one priority for our guest bedroom was to have a comfortable mattress.  There is nothing worse than not sleeping well when you are away from home.  The day after we moved here we took advantage of my dad's truck and I went to buy a mattress.  After plopping down on a couple, I picked this one because of the pillow top, comfy! 

I LOVE having all white bedding because when guests leave you can just throw it all in the washing machine with bleach.  Keep the main bedding white and change up the colors with accent pillows.  

Oh here comes story time....I MADE this headboard.  It may not look perfect but it was very inexpensive compared to the headboards I had been shopping for.  Oh you know me...if I can't afford it I just make it.  

Gorgeous duvet right?  Well it was free AND has a great story.  This came from my stepmother's mother.  After she passed there was an auction to sell everything in their house.  At the end of the auction there was still "stuff" everywhere and I found about ten old quilts in a garbage bag.  My oh my how I value old quilts that are timeless!  There are a couple of small holes in this duvet but it is SO comfortable and soft. 

To make me LOVE IT even more it's decorated with Fleur-de-lis....(sigh)

Above the bed I loved adding some character by displaying my great-grandmother's dishes.  I don't have the full set of these dishes so they work wonderful as decor.  Granny Anny would be proud!

Got to have a mirror in the guest bedroom so you can check yourself out!  And more character added to room with this hand painted wooden sign

Like the rest of the house, there is a ton of natural light in this room.  As well as a beautiful view of the changing leaves of Tennessee.

A simple yet cozy room for you to stay any time you like. Hope you enjoyed your visit and learned a couple of tricks of how to make your guest room cozy!

Peace out for now!

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Sherry Dermitt-Deering said...

This is a beautiful guest bedroom Morgan...It amazes me how creative you are :) I am LOVING your blogs...Keep em up!