Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Anyone who knows the hubs and I understand our love for dogs.  We both grew up always having a dog in the house and I cannot imagine our house without one.  Needless to say, I also enjoy decor that incorporates dogs.  Check out our space that is nestled in between our dining room and living room.  I was never sure what to put here...I know it will be a great place for a Christmas tree but what to do until then?  I decided to make it a focal point to show our love for dogs, and how precious of a space it is.

In this house, if you can't tell, you MUST LOVE DOGS.  I've decided if I ever come back in another life I want to be one of my dogs.  Keep scrolling down to see where I found all of these unique items...

The prints were a find at none other than Hobby Lobby where the hubs spotted them.  Yes, my husband likes to go to hobby lobby....but no more than four times a year.  Having a giant schnauzer, it is obvious why we NEEDED the top print right?  

As for the bottom print, my FIL (father in law) likes to call Murphy "Black Dog" so being that the prints came in a pack together we are lucky they both have meaning to us all while looking cute.  The black frames I've had for a while and they were found where everyone should always look in Hobby Lobby....that's right friends...the clearance section.  

The tan fleece blanket draped on the side of the bench was a steal for only $5 at Kohl's.  I remember how excited I was to find this on one Black Friday shopping extravaganza....it's the small things in life people.

Silhouettes are timeless aren't they?  I LOVE the look of them and how personal they are while still being simple.  I will have a tutorial link up on how to make these silhouettes in a later post. The pillows I purchased, yes I needed actual pillows, in the clearance section at Target.  The silhouettes are temporary so I can always use the reverse side of the pillows or make new silhouettes when/if I need to.  It "works for now"!

The bench was a find two years ago at a furniture consignment store.  Holy cow....almost all of my furniture is from furniture consignment stores......shamed?  Goodness no!  One proud/happy girl!  This bench used to bear a bad stenciling job by a grandma (no offense grandmothers) with no taste.  A can of black glossy paint and a couple of hours in the garage made this bench a whole new person!  Remember to always look at the "bones" of the furniture when buying it used.  Paint can transform almost anything.

A toy for your thoughts?  A tote found at TJ Maxx holds our pups toys.  Maci and Murphy LOVE pulling them all out and playing with them...if only I could teach them to put them all back in the tote when there are finished....

Do you have an awkward space that you don't know what to do with?  Find/make some unique items you LOVE and display them all together.  If you are a collector of certain items, display them all together on chic shelving or a bookcase.  Most importantly....fill any space with items you LOVE so when you look at it every day you think to yourself..."I LOVE IT!"

Before peacing out I will share you with your our two pride and joys......

         Maci (Shihtzu & Pomeranian Mix)                                 Murphy (Giant Schnauzer)

Have fun decorating your space!  Peace out for now!

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jerrysgirl_47112 said...

And now I might even have a pretty cool idea for Nick & Erin's Christmas gift from the princess ... silhouette pillows of none other that Miss Grace herself. Not sure exactly how to do this with a newborn ... but probably worth a sneaky try!