Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DIY No Sew Burlap Tree Skirt

Tree skirts can be really expensive when you go to buy them.  I discovered this when I went looking for one last week.  I also discovered most stores have very generic tree skirts that are very "Christmasey"...you feel me?  

So you know the drill...if I can't afford it....I MAKE IT!  Luckily, my aunt had just given me tons of burlap while at her house for Thanksgiving so I decided burlap would be the material to use.  

One problem......I don't sew (yet).  Another problem.....burlap is sold in lengths that aren't wide enough to make a full tree skirt to fit our tree.  Well....I better figure out how to make it work!

Let me explain....

I laid out the burlap and flattened it out the best I could....creases are no good for cutting.  After measuring the base of our tree I drew a circle, with chalk, where the tree would be.  Now, because the burlap I had was not wide enough I simply hot glued some extra burlap pieces to the original burlap piece to make the width I needed (you can't even tell).  Our tree sits up against a wall allowing me to make the skirt longer in the front and shorter in the back.  

Step One:

Cut burlap according to the measurements of the base of your tree.  Our tree base was 14'' so I cut a 14'' circle in the middle, cut a slit for the opening, and rounded the edges of the burlap to make a circle.

Step Two:

Hot glue, yes hot glue, your choice of ribbon around the edge of your tree skirt.  I used straight pins to keep my skirt on the ironing board while gluing.  My tip is to choose a material that has ruffles.  The ruffles are not only cute but they work better around a circular object.


 Step Three:

Place your tree skirt around your tree, take a step back, and admire your gorgeous (inexpensive) work.  Now, don't tell...but I actually ran out of edging for my tree skirt...but no one will ever know (except you) after all of the presents are under the tree.  I can always hot glue some more edging later....

I mean come on....how simple is that?  Looks good, is inexpensive, very easy...can you ask for more?  

This tree skirt cost me a mere $4....for the ribbon edging.  If I had to buy the burlap I probably would have spent about $14...either way...you can't beat that.

Oh Christmas...how I love thee.

I know your tree skirt will turn out great!  Peace out for now!

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Lynn said...

I love the tree skirt! Awesome idea, Just found your blog and I love it! Will be back to visit, Hugs, Lynn