Monday, December 3, 2012

Ornament Made From Your Tree

Another great idea from Pinterest in the books!  

If you and your family get a fresh tree every year I've got the cutest idea for you!

The hubs and I were able to go get our fresh Christmas tree last week.  We decided on a cute little tree, informed the attendant of the tree we wanted, and he did the rest of the hard work.  If you ever go get a fresh Christmas tree you always get the question, "Will you be putting the tree in water tonight?". They ask you this so they know whether or not to make a fresh cut off of the bottom of the tree.  Then it hit me....wait!  I asked the attendant to make a clean fresh cut because I was going to save the piece he cut off.  He looked at me with this strange look of....are you crazy?!?  I felt the need to explain to him what I would make out of it.  After I told him he smiled and said, "Yeah, that is a good idea!"  

Check it you think it is a good idea?

An ornament made from your very own tree!

All you do is save the piece that is cut off, hot glue a ribbon to the back and write the year on the piece of the tree with a permanent marker.  I decided to add the town we live in because we won't be living here forever and I imagine years from now I will forget where we lived in 2012.  

How neat will it be years from now when you have many of these cute ornaments?

Start a new tradition....this one is super easy.

Merry Christmas and peace out for now!


Leslie said...

I saw this on Pinterest, and it's a really cute idea! I also love fresh Christmas trees! They smell wonderful. :)

Momma said...

Wonderful idea!