Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Easiest Christmas Wreath You Will Ever "Make"

Isn't decorating for Christmas exciting?  I really enjoy completely transforming the house into a cozy Christmas space.  Starting with wreaths....

Wreaths are a staple for Christmas decor but they can get really expensive.  I ran across wreaths at Hobby Lobby and had to use them for the front of the house.  They are inexpensive, they last for years, and you can transform them into another wreath any time you want.  Check it out...

So here is what you do.....

-Prance into Hobby Lobby and purchase the following items:
                 1. 30-inch Pine Wreath $12
                 2. Wooden Letter $3
                 3.  Big Red Ribbon $2 

-Spray paint your wooden letter any color you want, or you can leave it as is.  I spray painted mine an off-white to go with the rest of the house.   
-While your letter is drying go ahead and hang your wreath on your door (be sure to "fluff" it) and affix the ribbon to the wreath with the tie on the back of the ribbon.   
-When dry, simply place your wooden letter in between the wires of the wreath and place some of the "branches" in front of your letter to ensure it will stay put.  
-Then step back, admire your work, and pat yourself on the back
-Be sure to tell your hubs how inexpensive the wreath was to "make" at a mere $15! 

How's that for a simple, inexpensive, traditional wreath? 

Happy decorating and peace out for now!

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Momma said...

Another awesome idea!