Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wrapping Paper Theme

Wrapping Christmas presents can be much more simple when a theme is chosen.  What?  A theme?  

Yes.  A theme.  

This year I decided to pick a color scheme that would stand out and be different from the theme of our tree.  And, of course, buy all of my supplies on a budget!  

Mission Accomplished.

Here are the details:

                       Wrapping Paper from Hobby Lobby - $4.00
                       Two Rolls of Ribbon from Hobby Lobby - $8.00
                       Gift Boxes from The Dollar Tree - $9.00
                                                                                                   Total Cost - $21.00

I've wrapped anywhere from 25-30 gifts so far with the same roll of wrapping paper....WOW!  The paper from Hobby Lobby is super thick and goes a long way.

I also decided to do away with the traditional stick on gift tags.  Each gift has the initial of the recipient.  Since the black and white wrapping paper is very distinct from other traditional wrapping papers I figured I didn't need to write who the gift is from.  So each gift is unique in it's own way.

How's that for wrapping presents on a budget?  What will you choose as your wrapping paper theme this year?


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