Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fresh Christmas Decorations

There's nothing better than the smell of a fresh Christmas tree in your house for the holiday season.  But why stop there?  Spruce, evergreen, boxwood, magnolia leaves, pine cones, the list goes on and on......and the best part?  All of these things can be found for free!  

So why not use nature to decorate?  It adds a warmth and scent to your home that cannot be accomplished with anything else. 

I was able to use cypress tree branches, boxwood stems, logs (yes, logs) and clippings from our Christmas tree.  Below are a few ways I used them to decorate our place this year. 



Beautiful boxwood garland right?  Well, Murphy (our giant schnauzer) actually picked that out.  Yep.  We were shopping at an outdoor craft fair and Murphy...well...marked it.  Yes, he peed on it.  After the look of horror faded from my face I gladly paid two lovely ladies for the garland.  Don't worry, I hosed it off VERY well and let it dry for two days in the sun before I brought it into the house.  Atleast he has good taste right?


Bringing the outside inside was very fun to do this year.  Free, beautiful, simple and easy....

What fresh things have you used to decorate with this Christmas?  

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Momma said...

Lovely ideas! I am using candles, along with keeping the front door open in Kentucky because the temperature has been warm. Fresh pine and fresh black walnuts make for a great scent.